Who the f*ck is Crazy Eddie?

My name is not Eddie and I’m only kind of Crazy. I’m using a pseudonym because I’ve pissed people off before and probably will again. When crazy people start threatening to come to your house and do violence because you said something they didn’t like…it’s time to be more careful.

Of course my intention is not immediately to offend, I just hold some ideas that are not the norm about things that many people have very strong attachments to, God for instance. Not to say I pick on one topic in particular; I’m an equal opportunity offender.

This blog will have bits of philosophy and food for thought. It will also have small doses of absolutely pointless bullshit. I’m not a big fan of trivialities, but taking yourself too seriously is just as bad. So, don’t always expect something thought provoking because sometimes I’m just being stupid because I can be.

I have very little formal “training” in philosophy but in my opinion you don’t really need it either. All philosophy is is the search for wisdom and you don’t need a lot of book learning to at least start (though it will help immensely in your search). I am college educated, and I did take the opportunity for some formal classes in philosophy while I was there, but my education is in a totally different field. I’m what you might call a hobbyist thinker; I do it for fun.

The name “Crazy Eddie” is not paying homage to the electronics store. It actually pays homage to an idea in a novel called, The Mote in God’s Eye, by Larry Niven. GREAT book. In it there is this society that has such an accelerated birthrate that they go through endless cycles of nearly exterminating themselves in war, rebuilding, and then doing it again as their population exceeds their ability to live with each other. Eventually this society developed a sort of apathy and resignation to the cycle having decided that any and all attempts to break out of it where misguided, fruitless, and ultimately dangerous. Crazy Eddie was the name they called anyone who attempted to do so, or even thought about it, or appeared like they might think about it and such people where instantly killed.

Using the name is my way of saying, “I’m going to try to break you out of your cycle and your assumptions.” Maybe it’s also my way of saying that though you might want to kill me for some of what I say (overreacting IMNSHO) it just might be worthwhile to think about it anyway.

Anyway, read it, don’t read it. Participate in conversation or don’t. It’s there if you want it.

This blog used to be a blogspot blog. Here’s the old.


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