Having an “open mind”.

When I was a child I was taught not to discount anything.  This included things like my parents’ chosen religion of course, but also other things like ghosts, UFO’s, channeling, Big Foot and a whole lot of other nonsense.  I wasn’t taught TO believe in these things, but I was encouraged to pay them a lot more credibility than they deserved.  You see, my parents wanted me to be “open minded” about such things.

There’s nothing wrong with having an open mind, but I believe that kind of open mind is way too open.  Ideas should all be met with healthy skepticism, not a default of, “Well, I suppose it can’t be proven not to be true so maybe it is.”  That’s letting your brains fall out.

When someone suggests an idea and claims it to reflect the real world we live in, we should expect them to provide some demonstration that their claim is true. When they start verbal vomiting about the “metaphysical”, the unfalsifiable, and the downright absurd expecting us to believe it we should treat with the same respect, or lack thereof, that they are treating us.  If they dare bring up the “divine” or “sacred” they deserve to be spat upon.

People like this are taking a massive shortcut. They are trying to assert their own ideas and moral claims without taking the responsibility of demonstrating them to the rest of us. What degree of arrogance it must take to expect someone to believe the same things you believe based on your say so! To expect someone to hold the same things as important because they “have to” — because it’s sacred!  

If someone expects you to share their values they need to pay you the respect of trying to convince you that they are true. We should withhold our beliefs until they do so and we should not respect those who would take the shortcut and brow-beat us with made up nonsense that can neither be demonstrated nor logically proven. The ability to believe in such things is not a valuable asset, it is a flaw in human nature.

An open mind is ready to be convinced, not crammed full of absurdities nor every claim someone purports is the truth.


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