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Comment to Vox Popoli


Every time I think I’ve seen the worse that the human race has to offer, someone says something so wicked and callous that I once again have to remember that there really isn’t any bottom to that pit.

I suppose I should thank you for being the person that reminded me of this fact today. Until now it had never even dawned on me that someone might argue that stoning rape victims creates less false rape accusations and is therefor good. I stand corrected and thoroughly shocked.

I’d also thought myself incapable of dismay regarding the future and soul of the human race. I did not think myself capable any longer of feeling melancholy or being depressed about how disgusting human beings are. You sir have reintroduced me to this feeling and I’ll probably spend the rest of the day thinking about the fact that the universe could very well be better off if a black hole simply swept through our system and swallowed our entire planet.

If the universe was just you’d find yourself at the mercy of people as disconnected from humanity as you are. I don’t know if I should feel good about the fact that it is not. While I do feel some small amount of forgiveness and mercy in my heart, another part of me feels that the resources available for living human beings are dwindling such that we should expect a human being to actually give society something worth a damn to justify their continued existence. I doubt very much that you could survive such a policy.


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