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I hope your asshole bleeds until you puke!

Right wing politicians, libertarians, and the ultra-religious would have us believe that someone’s use of birth control pills is something that a person can have moral issues with and that it is an individual’s right to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies by imposing this “morality” through what medical insurance will cover. This is just plain obscene and I’ll tell you why.

Imagine you are a man and there is a pill that you could take which would reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer by 50%. Prostate cancer is one of the foremost dangers for men today. It kills us by the millions. Would you take it? Should your medical insurance cover it?

Imagine that your a guy and you have this disorder that causes you to bleed out of your asshole every month. It’s so bad that it makes you utterly incapable of working, makes you sick, weak, and it hurts like a mother fucker. In fact, on occasion it’s so bad that you have to go to the hospital and your life is actually in danger. Imagine that there’s a pill that you can take which will control this problem. Would you take it? Should your medical insurance cover it?

Now let’s assume that this pill, along with doing ALL of the above, also served as a chemical vasectomy. In other words, it rendered you very unlikely to produce offspring while you were on it. Imagine now that there’s some stupid bitch that’s decided she doesn’t want you to take this pill because of this fact. She claims that it is immoral, that she shouldn’t have to support it, and has taken it upon herself to remove it from your list of approved items in the medical insurance that you are in fact paying for (I don’t know ANYONE who’s employer completely pays for their medical insurance). What would you have to say to this uppity cunt?

This is the state that women find themselves in today. Twisted, deranged people with completely confused and absurd views on morality are dictating to women what the medical insurance that they are ALREADY PAYING FOR can and cannot do for them. What kind of world do we live in when an insurance provider is ALLOWED to refuse something that is so obviously beneficial to your overall health, let alone the general health of society, when that insurance is something you are paying for? What kind of world are we creating when someone can claim moral superiority and dictate to others what they’re doing with their own bodies by inappropriately increasing the costs of “unapproved” medicines like this? It’s not like the benefits of oral contraceptives are not well known, researched, and established.

One might be inclined now to try and fold some sense into this absurdity by saying, “Well, so long as they are taking it for a real medical reason and not just to avoid pregnancy, I’m OK with it.” To that I say, WHAT FUCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS? I mean really!!!! Even an employer, even one paying 100% of the insurance costs for their employees (and nobody does) has absolutely no right to know the medical needs of their employees. If I don’t want my employer to know I’ve got hemoroids, it’s not their business to demand to know this. It’s not their business to tell me that I have to pass my reasons for sticking prepH up my ass through their divine moral meter. This is simply OBSCENE and it has no place in a free society!

Besides, for some women pregnancy is a death sentence and clearly you have no business demanding they explain this to you.

So, to all those whackos out there supporting this bullshit: I hope your asshole starts to bleed so much that you pass out and that your medical provider refuses to pay for your recovery because some arrogant nitwit has decided the procedure is immoral. This is the kind of crap you’re imposing upon others and no, it isn’t your right to do this.


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