A new New Eden?

With the recent patch of EvE online it’s become clear that CCP’s goals for the game differ greatly from the desires of a great deal of those playing it. The four things that bother me the most are:

1. Microtransactions -> vanity items are crazy enough. I suppose I can understand their business model, except that I can’t, but I find they seriously disturb the feel of the game and my attitude toward it.

2. Licenses for API apps. OK, so they took this one back…sort of. It’s coming though and it really bothers me that people are now going to have to pay CCP for extending the game in very important ways. Before you complain that CCP deserves payback for the money others are making….most of these services don’t make any; the ISK and such being payed for killboards, for example, offsets the cost of running one. Nobody’s actually making money there.

3. Captain’s Quarters -> seriously, this is the big deal for this “expansion” and it seems like such a total waste of time to me. Not only does it not really give anything but one little room to walk around in, so I was able to absorb the entire experience and all it offers in about 30 seconds, it’s just a time sink both in game and I imagine for development as well. The game didn’t need this.

4. CCP’s reply: basically, “You guys are all full of shit and we’re going to do what we want.”

So yeah, I’m very close to unsubbing. Unfortunately there’s nothing else out there that offers the same experience that EvE *used* to offer. I’m a little bummed out.

So, maybe it’s time for a new one. There’s all kind of things that CCP did wrong anyway, that they never bothered to fix.

Writing a video game in Python for example (WTF where you thinking??). They claimed that it made it more testable, etc…but yet the more they converted to Python the more got broke. Either it’s not providing the benefits you think it is, or QA is doing something wrong.

Physics -> EvE physics is way wack. Up and down in space?? Water waves?? Falloff when not in orbit of a planet or sun?? Angular velocity being the same for the orbiter as it is for the orbited??

Unfortunately, we’d have to change enough that it wouldn’t really be EvE at all, for that would be making a derivative work. Something that captures all the best parts of the game though and abandons the worse might be very worthwhile.

One thing about EvE is that the best parts of it have nothing to do with 3d eye candy, something CCP has apparently totally failed to appreciate. Much of what the game is could be done with some windows or even as a MUD….at least at first. 3d background that looks cool can be added later because it must be admitted that the space scenes in EvE where AWESOME. The foundation of the game though doesn’t need a space-scape at all though.

Anyway, something I’ve been thinking about the past couple days. It could be done. Maybe it should be.


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