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Eddie’s Pasta

For Christmas I received a Kitchen Aid pasta kit. This is a roller and two cutters that attach to a Kitchen Aid standing mixer (my favorite kitchen appliance). I started making pasta right away.

Most recipes for pasta require quite a bit of egg. In order to reduce the amount of egg I have to go to the store for (don’t much care for the store :p) I wanted to reduce or eliminate that. I also found that using egg as the primary/only moisture made my noodles kind of rubbery and I didn’t want to just use the yolk as that doubles the egg requirement and just adds waste.

So I tried various water only recipes. Various vegan sites explain how to make it. Problem with that though is instead of rubbery the noodles come out extremely mushy. That and the fact that the dough is much harder to work with (hard to cut, doesn’t hold together well, etc) I decided that wasn’t the best option either. I wanted to find a happy medium.

Wasn’t too tough to find. Just split the amount of egg you’d normally put in by half and then use water for the rest. These noodles come out what I think is the absolute best. Here’s the formula:

Ingredient Percentage
Flour (AP and/or wheat) 100
Egg 23
Water 23
Oil 8
Salt 1 or less

For those unfamiliar, that’s a “bakers percentage” formula. It’s easier to replicate based on weights and with the percentages all you have to do is some multiplication to make the amount you want. It’s based on how much ingredient to how much flour, so 23% water means that for every 100g of flour you put in, mix in 23g of water.

A very rough approximation in volume measurement for around about a 2 person main course:

Ingredient Amount
Flour 1.75 c
Egg 1
Water I touch less than .25 c
Oil 1 T
Salt A couple shakes

Mix the egg, flour, oil, and salt first. Get them nice and mixed together before slowly adding water. Wait until you get a flaky consistency approximating a pie shell. Kneed into a ball. The dough should be very much on the dry side but still hold its shape.


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Stolen Back Pillow

Came to work today and my lumbar support pillow is gone. I have degenerative disc disorder; stealing my lumbar pillow is like taking someone’s wheelchair.

Why would someone do this??

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