Comcast trying to rob me

This December, shortly before Christmas, COMCAST sent us a letter in the mail indicating our bill would be “corrected” to include a rental fee for our modem.  OUR modem.

We immediately called them to attempt having the issue resolved.  They claimed they had it listed as a rental, that they have no record of the purchase, and that they don’t keep records back far enough so we had to prove we owned it.  When the person on the other side of the phone realized we were capable of producing this receipt, of a purchase we had made over 2 years ago, they backed down and said they didn’t need it faxed to them.

This sounded pretty damn suspicious to me.  They have to have a receipt right up until we’re asking for the fax number to copy it to??  Yeah, I wasn’t buying that.  They were betting we didn’t have that receipt.  So I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The company’s customer relations department contacted me, demanding the receipt again and even trying to tell me that they don’t sell modems.

I don’t doubt that there are other people in my situation–they’ve clearly told me multiple times during this that they’re systematically “correcting” bills across the board–that do not keep years and years of receipts from their service providers.  First off…!!!  In fact I’m going to start scanning them into the computer and storing them somewhere off-site–you can do that now.  Second of all, here’s some information that perhaps can help you prove they at least have used this tactic on someone that can prove it.  They’re likely going to try the same thing on you that they did me, including the claim that they don’t sell modems.  I’ve removed any identifying information, including bar codes in the image, but I do have the originals.

We’re getting mixed messages from the company itself. This “executive” is claiming the issue is far from resolved. The people in the call center on the other hand say it is. We can only wait. I do expect this will happen again in a couple years even if it is done for now.

BILL IMAGE (censored)

Wish there was a free market for Internet access!! Comcast has me cornered here. We really need to make sure the Internet doesn’t continue to fall further and further into the control of these assholes. Make sure you support Net Neutrality! If you don’t, everything will be owned by companies just like this. It will be next to impossible to get it back after that.

What follows is my last email sent to them on 12/23/2013 (again, edited to remove personal information):

Attached is a scan the bill issued by your company that clearly states “purchase of modem” for a $99 charge.


I am upset to be learning you guys sold me a used modem!  I certainly paid top dollar for it if that’s the case.  You people amaze me.  Not even happy with ripping me off during the purchase you have to claim it never happened on top of it.

Now, you guys bothered us on our Christmas vacation claiming to have no record of this transaction and made us dig through our records to retrieve a 2 year old receipt.  You should really be reimbursing us for our time, which you’ve now wasted more of than the purchase has even come close to saving.
This is an incredibly dishonest business tactic you’ve adopted here.  I have never before had a company decide to charge us rent for our own stuff.  For you then to claim you don’t hold records back two years, have no record of this purchase, when clearly you should…that takes some serious hubris there.  To then come back and claim you don’t sell modems when you quite clearly charged us for such a purchase???!!!  Wow.
Do not continue on this course of action!  It’s clear to me that you have no intention of making sure this never happens to anyone again…at the very least I expect to now be left alone.  You plaid the odds that I wouldn’t have two years of receipts stored away but you bet wrong, we do.
On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 5:40 PM, REP NAME <REP> wrote:



Correct here at Comcast we do not sell our modem. We do purchase modems then rent them out. We do work with third party vendor who do sell modems but it is not Comcast directly.


In August 2013 an audit was done for Comcast equipment. Your account was impacted by the audit on August 17, 2013 when it was discovered that you have been using a leased modem or Emta without being billed the market rate rental fee. Records indicate the rental fee will be added on cycle dates after January 1, 2014.


The modem, MY MODEM MAC, you currently have indicates in our records has a rental modem that has been used on others accounts as well as a rental. This is why proof of purchase is required.


Thank you,



Executive Customer Relations

West Division





From: MY NAME [mailto:MYEMAIL]
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: Comcast


Need to verify for my own records: You are claiming that Comcast does not sell modems, correct?  You are still claiming ownership of our modem and the billing error (charging us rent for our own property) has not been resolved.


On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 4:11 PM, REP NAME <REP> wrote:

Mr. Roberts,


As requested today per our conversation below is my contact information and fax number where you can send the receipt  for proof of purchase.








Comcast Cable Corporation

3077 Comcast Place

Livermore, CA 94551


Thank you,



Executive Customer Relations

West Division





Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 5:44 PM
Subject: Comcast




Our Office is in receipt of your Better Business Bureau regarding your concerns. (ESL01183072)


Comcast values the opinion of all our customers and appreciates you taking the time to fully explain your thoughts on this issue.  We would like the opportunity to address your issue, please contact me by phone at CONTACT INFO





Executive Customer Relations